Eyewear choices for men, women & children

The staff at Deerwood Family Eyecare understands that your eyewear decisions are important, which is why we provide eyewear choices to fit men, women & children –  and in all budgets. 

Dr. Shearer only offers quality, innovative solutions for your eyewear needs. With the product knowledge and experience of Dr. Shearer and his team, you can feel confident that your eyewear of choice will be the best fit for your vision and your lifestyle.

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Contact Lenses

How often should I get my eyes examined?
Just like seeing your primary doctor, it is best to come in every year. In the state of Florida, eyeglass prescriptions are only valid for 24 months and contact lens prescriptions are only valid for 12 months. Why? Well the reason is because your eyes are constantly changing and are exposed to many things. Eye exams are not just about vision, but they are also about the health of your eye! Many eye diseases develop without any signs or symptoms in the early development stages, so it is very important that we are able to look at your eyes every year to make sure everything is nice and healthy! Those with a family history of eye diseases, diabetic patients and anyone whose general health is poor or who are taking medications that may have potential side effects on the eye, may need to have their eyes examined more often so we can monitor any developments and meet your needs in the best way possible.
What is the difference between a routine eye exam and a contact lens exam/fitting?
Routine eye exams are designed to detect vision problems and are an important preventive measure for maintaining your overall health and wellness. In fact, a thorough eye exam can detect a number of serious medical conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes and even cancer.

Contact lens exams are designed to evaluate your vision with contacts. Although your vision may be clear and you feel no discomfort from your lenses, there are potential risk factors with improper wearing or fitting of contact lenses that can affect the overall health of your eyes.

Do I need an exam if I just want to wear contacts for fun/cosmetic use?
Yes. In order for Dr. Shearer to prescribe the proper fit and comfortable lenses, you will need to have an eye exam and contact lens fitting. During the eye exam, Dr. Shearer will check your vision to make sure you are able to see both up close and far away. Besides checking your vision, Dr. Shearer will also be checking the health of your eyes. During the contact lens fitting, Dr. Shearer will take special measurements of your eye and its surface, checking for curvature and other factors that will affect how your lenses fit. Finally, your cornea will be carefully examined to make sure there aren’t any problems that could make it hard for you to wear contact lenses. Dr. Shearer will then be able to prescribe you the proper lens that will best benefit you and your needs.